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Current Exhibition:

Luis Frangella & Russell Sharon: A Life in Art

On view 11 February - 29 April 2022


The Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday 12-5

A Life in Art Front Show Card.jpg

"Luis & Russell: A Life in Art" celebrates the enduring relationship of Russell Sharon and his late partner Luis Frangella in a joint exhibition of their work. Through works created by both artists beginning in the 1980s, it explores their influential roles in the East Village art and club scene, their friendships with fellow artists, and occasional collaborators, including Keiko Bonk, Stephen Lack, Judy Glantzman, David Wojnarowicz, Jean Foos, Walter Robinson, Bobby G, Eric Rhein, Martin Wong, Manuela Filiaci, Mike Bidlo, and Rick Prol among many others, and how the energy and enthusiasm of that era faded as AIDS decimated their lives with the death of Frangella in 1990. The exhibition invites consideration of how Sharon and Frangella - as well as their community - were impacted by the harsh reality of the HIV/AIDs epidemic, as well as how Sharon and his artistic focus have shifted and changed since his loss of Frangella, followed by their close friend David Wojnarowicz's death in 1992.

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