David Wojnarowicz (1954 - 1992) was an independent prodigy. As a runaway street hustler at a young age, Wojnarowicz developed an uncanny ability to find beauty in the gritty street life around him. His stencil work was eventually recognized by many New York galleries, elevating avant-garde street art into the Downtown Milieu. Wojnarowicz refused to reduce his creativity into a single medium. Instead, he expanded his techniques, producing collages, films, photographs, poems and sculptures.  Today his writing, always incisive, is viewed as an important parallel to his visual art.  

Wojnarowicz ... effortlessly [ties] together genres, styles, and media as if they were elements in a collage. As the Renaissance Man of the East Village, he was the one artist who threw himself into virtually every possibility that lay in front of him, whether it was painting, photography, performance, politics, video, music, sculpture, or poetry. By the time of his death in 1992, Wojnarowicz was better known for his AIDS activism than his art, but this prominence has gradually reversed itself in the fifteen years since, making his overall contribution one of the central reference points for New York art during the turbulent 1980s

 - Dan Cameron