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On view through 31 March

Tuesday - Saturday, 12-5

FACES II is an exhibition focused on facial expressions and images created in various media. Works on view include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and photography that are by turns representational, abstract, expressionistic and imaginary. 

FACES II is the second iteration of a two part exhibition that includes works by Olasunkanmi Akomolehin, Frederic Amat, Craig Coleman,
Diego Cortez, Roger Cutforth, Keith Davis, Jimmy DeSana, Tim Fite, Jean Foos, Luis Frangella, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Deborah Kass,
Tom Keough, Ariane Lopez-Huici, Anja Marais,
Thomas Micchelli, Natalya Nesterova , Letty Nowak, Victor Pesce,
Lucio Pozzi, Rick Prol, Ted Rosenthal, Abbey Rosko, Gary Schneider, Pamela Sneed, Anthony Viti, David Wojnarowicz, Rey Zorro.

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